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If you are new to scouting, the following terms may help you understand the structure of the cub scouting program:

ACHIEVEMENTS—The required activities for earning the rank badges of Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos and Arrow of Light.

AKELA -  a symbol of wisdom, authority, and leadership. Akela is anyone who acts as a leader to the Scout. Akela can be a CubmasterDen Leaderparent or teacher depending on where the guidance takes place. In den meetings, it is the Den Leader who is Akela. During pack meetings it is the Cubmaster. At home, the parents fill this role.

ARROW OF LIGHT—The Arrow of Light is the highest Cub Scout award.  It may be earned by 5th grade Webelos.

BEAR—The rank earned by 3rd grade Cub Scouts.

BOBCAT—The entrance requirements for Cub Scouting, passed by all boys regardless of age.

CUB MASTER—The adult program leader of the Pack.

DEN—A group of boys, organized by grade level, and supervised by Den Leaders.  Each den meets at certain times to work on achievements and other activities. The den is led by adult Den Leaders and Assistant Den Leaders (parent volunteers) who plan and conduct den meetings. 

DEN CHIEF—A Boy Scout appointed by his Scoutmaster to help the Den Leader with the Den operations. Cub Master should contact Scoutmaster for a Den Chief.

DEN LEADER—An adult who accepts the responsibility of guiding a Den.

ELECTIVES—the optional activities used by ranks to earn additional loops.

PACK—A Pack is a group of Cub Scouts, adult leaders, and parents who belong to the same cub scout unit (e.g., Pack 130 of the Golden Arrow District, Sam Houston Council).  Each Pack is made up of Tiger, Wolf, Bear, and Webelos I and Webelos II dens. The Pack consists of a group of Dens that meet together about once a month.  The Pack is composed of Dens and Parents of the boys who are members of those Dens.

PACK COMMITTEE MEMBER—A parent who serves on the Pack Committee.

TIGER—The rank earned by 1st grade Cub Scouts.

WOLF— The rank earned by 2nd grade Cub Scouts.

WEBELOS—The rank earned by 4th grade Cub Scouts.

WEBELOS ACTIVITY BADGE—An award for completion of the requirements in one of the 20 Webelos Activity areas.